Maranatha Touring Choir is an Interdenominational Christian Choir composed of young musicians from eighth grade through college from Fredericksburg, Virginia, and its surrounding communities. The purpose of the choir is to inspire people for Jesus Christ by sharing God’s Word through musical presentations. This is accomplished through a strong spiritual emphasis.
The choir was established in 1972 by the late Carroll P and Mary Louise Kelly, and Carlton and Shirley Onderdonk. The original group consisted of 40 voices who chose the name Maranatha, meaning “Come, Lord Jesus” in Aramaic, from I Corinthians 16:22.
Each year the choir performs two programs, a musical drama and a concert program. The concert programs represent a wide variety of musical styles from classical to contemporary, and have included specially commissioned works.
Since 1972, we have presented concerts in over 130 cities in over 30 states and Canada. Some 2,000 young people and over 100 adult leaders have participated in the Choir. We are pleased to see many children of former members participating in the choir. The choir sings in nursing homes, prisons, homeless shelters, campgrounds, and amusement parks – wherever the Lord leads them. The MARANATHA TOURING CHOIR is a music ministry. We endeavor to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and draw people to him through a presentation of music. We have been enthusiastically received and have made many return visits to congregations who have become dear friends. Radio and television appearances have likewise met with warm responses. We look forward to sharing our ministry with you.
Our presentations consist of either traditional music or a Christian musical with a message, featuring the choir, ensembles, soloists and narration. Our style is considered middle of the road because it is appreciated by all age groups, but always performed in a manner to honor our Lord. Performance length is approximately sixty minutes. The content is changed annually providing new material for those churches that have repeat engagements.
While the ministry of Maranatha is primarily in and through churches, we are happy to be invited to present our message in music in schools, community halls and shopping malls. We encourage our host churches to introduce us locally through the media such as newspapers, radio and television.
The choir director, Justin Womack, started as a choir member. Other adults affiliated with the choir have been part of the Maranatha family for a substantial number of years, thus assuring continuity to its special musical mission.
Being of interdenominational composition, the Maranatha Touring Choir recognizes and respects the various religious beliefs and doctrines of its members. We are a Christian organization whose members are screened during audition for spiritual stability. We also have a spiritual emphasis committee that is advised by local ordained Pastors. We consider it important that our message will always be the Love of Jesus Christ.